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   In 2015, Verdant Holdings, LLC was awarded the winning bid to purchase the former Commonwealth correctional facility in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. The closure and sale of the facility was not well received by the local residents and had a negative effect on the economy of the region.

   After over a year of research for potential opportunities and brainstorming, the decision was made to reuse the facility for a Veteran wellness and rehabilitation center. The facility would be re-purposed and additional transitional housing will be constructed on the site.

   Under a Private-Public Partnership with the VA, the existing 300,000 + sq. ft. facility on 96 acres is planned to be redeveloped into a “one stop shopping” approach with veterans’ specific needs and requirements in mind. The existing buildings will be adaptively refurbished and new facilities built upon and around the complex to accommodate the unique needs for: PTSD patients, blind, dementia sufferers, spinal injuries, amputees, dental, women’s health, behavioral health and substance abuse. In addition, there will be transitional housing for single Veterans and those with families for both men and women, as well as long-term aged veteran care.

   Another component of the project will be vocational programs, such as manufacturing trades, culinary and maintenance trades along with the potential for higher educational programs. These will be coordinated with state/local institutions government entities already in place.

   The impact to Pennsylvania and this region will nullify the recent negative impact the closing of the prison had on the local economy. Over 600 full time jobs are anticipated to be created, and with the forecasted $200,000,000 investment, which will be an economic boon for this area. The facility will be back on the tax-paying roles for the area and is therefore a substantial advantage for the township and County.

Learn more about the “Veterans Sunrise” Project: as published in the Pittsburgh & Western Pennsylvania edition of The Blue Book Network’s magazine, The Who’s Who in Building & Construction. 

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